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British Charcuterie at its best.

We now offer you the largest selection of British Charcuterie in the country available alongside some of the best local and Britsh cheese available today.


The recent explosion of British artisan charcuterie producers has prompted us to expand our offering over the previous three years and with some recent addition of our guest board there's even more choice than ever.


In our opinion British charcuterie and cheese is now far surpassing the quality and variety of that from the continent, in our opinion, due to our strict animal welfare laws here in the UK couple with the recent understanding that hapy animals produce better meat and  milk.


Small artisan producers constantly trying new and exciiting recipes and insisting on only using the finrst meat available.


We also make a range of products including terrines, pates and our famous scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pork pies..



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